• Capital: Stockholm
  • Time Zone: GMT -1
  • Currency: Swedish Krona

The harmony between man and nature, open spaces, the sweetness of life which flirts with the monotony of the landscape of absolute quiet, these are the images that you cannot escape by Sweden. Some believe that the aurora borealis is without a doubt the most beautiful thing to see on our planet. The first time they attend to this phenomenon, people are usually amazed. Sweden has a king; Carl XVI Gustaf is king since 1973. Sweden has a border with Norway in the west and another with Finland in the north-east. South, Denmark, which the country is connected by the Oresund Bridge, is located 4 km offshore. Northern Sweden is occupied by the Lapland Sápmi called by its inhabitants, the Sami, which were the original inhabitants of northern Scandinavia.



Sweden’s capital is one of the most beautiful major cities in the world, a mirage of saffron- and terracotta-colored buildings shimmering between blue water and bluer skies all summer, or covered with snow and dotted with lights in winter. It’s also a vibrant, modern city, famous for producing sleek designs, edgy fashion and world-class nightclubs. Stockholmers themselves are almost uniformly polite and friendly, making travel both easy and rewarding. Around 16% of greater Stockholm’s 1.2 million people are immigrants, which creates a much more multicultural and diverse cityscape than many travelers might expect. It’s certainly not all meatballs, ABBA and IKEA these days!


Often caught in Stockholm’s shadow, gregarious Göteborg socks a mighty punch of its own. Some of the country’s finest talent hails from its streets, including music icons José González and Soundtrack of Our Lives. Ornate architecture lines its tram-rattled streets, grit-hip cafes hum with bonhomie, and must-sees include Scandinavia’s amusement park heavyweight, Liseberg. Best of all, Göteborg is comparatively cheaper than its east-coast rival, making it a top introduction to Sweden!

Swedish Lapland

In summer, the sun never sets and it can get hot, but until the beginning of the season, it is possible to ski in many ski stations. Many activities are possible such as: hiking, downhill and cross country skiing, fishing, boating, rafting, climbing, snowmobiling, cycling, dog sled tours, walks back reindeer tours and icebreakers. Meet the Sami nation, natives in Scandinavia, with a unique culture, crafts and traditions of its own. The Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park has been specially constructed so that we can observe the most beautiful light show in the world: the aurora borealis.


Swedish and English.


The electricity is 230 volts; therefore, an adapter and/or converter will be required.

Entry requirements

Kindly make sure to have the proper documents required to enter the countries you are visiting. Please refer to www.travel.gc.ca for updated information. Regarding visas, you can refer to the link: www.travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories. Failure to obtain these documents prior to travel can result in being denied entry or exit from the country.


International access code (exit code in Europe): 00 International dialing code: 46 If you are calling from any other European country, the international dialing code 46 is only required to call Sweden from abroad. So it will be: 00 46 and local phone number. Concerning national calls made in Sweden, it is not necessary to dial the 46 country code. If you are calling from Canada, please dial 011, then 46 and finally the local phone number in Sweden.