Tikehau, the pink sand island. Tikehau, a graceful oval crown of white and pink-sand beaches, can only be described as a picture postcard.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful atolls in Polynesia, the fragrance of the air is matched only by the abundance of life in the bright-blue water. The friendly people, their homes awash with gardens, invite you to share and explore their world beyond imagination.

In Tikehau, fish seem to outnumber people one-billion-to one. In fact the density of the fish in the lagoon is so high that Jacques Cousteau’s research group declared it to contain the highest concentration of fish among any other Tuamotu atolls.

Fishing is among the primary industries here for the 400 residents. Families share fish parks – underwater fenced areas – where they trap parrotfish and other lagoon species as a primary source of food and income. Families also ship fish by air to Papeete for sale in the local markets. Visitors enjoy endless hours of exploring the perfection of the lagoon through snorkeling, diving, and boating and exploring the village of Tuherahera.

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