• Capital: Doha
  • Time Zone: GMT +3
  • Currency: Qatari Riyal

Qatar is where cultural authenticity meets modernity; where the sand meets the sea; where people come together to experience unique offerings in culture, sports, business and family entertainment.



With its grand Greco-Roman amphitheater and numerous performances and festivals year-round, Doha’s Katara Cultural Village is a 1-stop destination for arts and culture. Sites of interest include Clock Tower Square, the souk (marketplace), and Government House (1969), built on reclaimed waterfront land. Further cultural developments include the establishment of a world-class Museum of Islamic Art (2008; designed by I.M. Pei) on an island offshore. Doha International Airport is located just southeast of the city.

Al Khor

The Al Khor and Thakira Municipality is a haven for things to do and see. It is one of Qatar’s popular areas because there are a number of scenic and picturesque natural sites to check out and a bunch of must-visit attractions for the whole family.


Arabic and English.


The electricity is 240 volts; therefore, an adapter and/or converter will be required.

Entry requirements

Kindly make sure to have the proper documents required to enter the countries you are visiting. Please refer to www.travel.gc.ca for updated information. Regarding visas, you can refer to the link: www.travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories. Failure to obtain these documents prior to travel can result in being denied entry or exit from the country


International access code: 00 International dialing code: 974 Concerning national calls made in Qatar, it is not necessary to dial the 974 country code. If you are calling from Canada, please dial 011, then 974 and finally the local phone number in Qatar.