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  • City packages in Hungary
    • Capital: Budapest
    • Time Zone: GMT +1
    • Currency: Forint

    From beautiful Budapest – the city of lights to its many quaint villages and fantastic scenery, Hungary evokes a strong sense of history and tradition at every turn.While Budapest, justifiably compared with cities like Prague and even Paris, is by far the country’s biggest tourist draw, not all the exciting places to visit and things to do in Hungary are in the capital. Cities and towns of all sizes have preserved their classic old historical attractions, many of which exhibit influences from various cultures, including Turkish invaders and Italian Renaissance designers. And Hungary’s countryside includes some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere in Eastern Europe. In fact, wherever you are in Hungary, you’re never far from spectacular mountains and lakes, beautiful river scenes (the Danube runs right through the country), and lush valleys, all providing great opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities.



    Although it takes several days to fully explore the Hungarian capital (chosen by the readers of the respected Condé Nast Traveller tourism magazine as the world’s 11th best travel destination for 2017) itself, it is also worth seeking out attractions in the surrounding area. The most popular day-trip destination is the Danube Bend with its unparalleled panorama, medieval castles, and small, inspirational towns. But there are numerous other interesting and exciting locations to visit only 1-1.5 hours away from Budapest: the former residence of the ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, rows of wine cellars offering tempting culinary experiences and exquisite wines, a vast film studio where you can walk among the set pieces of major Hollywood blockbusters, and many others.


    Szeged lies in Hungary’s sunniest region, which is why it is also called “the city of sunshine”. You can explore its Mediterranean streets, green spaces and the two banks of the River Tisza that flows through the middle of the city on foot, riding the narrow-gauge train, by boat or on Segway. You can climb the tower of the 90-metre high cathedral, the symbol of Szeged for a magnificent view over the entire city. The monumental cathedral serves as a magical backdrop to stunning performances staged at the country’s largest outdoor theatre in the summer months, located in the square at the foot of the cathedral.


    Debrecen has great cultural significance to the country, it served as the historical heart of the Protestant Reformation movement in Hungary (thus the city is often referred to as “The Calvinist Rome”). It is also among the most important university cities in the country. Visitors to Debrecen are welcomed by well-preserved streets with their shops, lovely squares and malls bustling with flowers and fountains – providing a perfect spot for a nice walk. Those with a keen heart for history must pay a visit to the Reformed Great Church, a symbol of the city offering a spectacular view of Debrecen from its panoramic walkway that runs between the two spires of the church, the library of the Protestant College built in the 16th century and the recently renovated Jewish Quarter. The city also offers a lot to explore for art lovers: they can check out the Déri Museum with the grandiose Christ Trilogy of famous Hungarian painter Mihály Munkácsy, or visit the MODEM Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre, among many other venues


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    The electricity is 220 volts; therefore, an adapter and/or converter will be required.


    International access code (exit code in Europe): 00 International dialing code: 36 If you are calling from any other European country, the international dialing code 36 is only required to call Hungary from abroad. So it will be: 00 36 and local phone number. Concerning national calls made in Hungary, it is not necessary to dial the 36 country code. If you are calling from Canada, please dial 011, then 36 and finally the local phone number in Hungary.