Algonquin Park Winter Log Cabin Adventure

3 or 4 days

Frozen lakes, waist-deep snow, wildlife tracks, the howl of a wolf and the crisp, clear air are just a few of the delights of a winter adventure..

Aurora Klondike experience

6 days

Come see these incredible light shows that will set your heart on fire.

Aurora viewing & adventure at Blanchford Lake Lodge

4 or 5 days

A fairy stay at the Blachford Lake Lodge.

Montreal and Tremblant experience

8 days

Nothing is more magical than winter in Quebec!

Northern Lights of Aurora Village

4 days

This is the ideal location to view the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights of Yukon

4 or 5 days

Live the experience of the Norther Lights of Yukon.

Southern Lakes Resort 3*

4 days

Live an adventure surrounded by nature.

Twin cultures

8 days

One trip, 2 provinces and 3 cities!

Valcartier Resort and Hotel de glace

3 days

A family getaway in Valcartier!

Vancouver and Whistler winter experience

8 days

Embark on a west coast winter adventure!