10 Days/9 Nights
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Escorted Tours

Japan reopens to tourists on guided package tours from 10 June 2022. This program was created to meet the new entry requirements set by the Japanese government. It is fully escorted and our experts in Japan will help you trough the quick steps to get your visa.

Time to get ready to make your Japan dreams a reality. Visit Takayama in mountainous Gifu prefecture for a feel of the Edo Period. Experience Shirakawago, this historic japanese countryside surrounded by high and rugged mountains. Enjoy a stroll through picture-perfect temple gardens. Explore the many wonders or Kyoto and Tokyo and then savor a steaming bowl of ramen. Japan awaits you. What are you waiting for?


9 night accommodation standard twin room in 3* or 4* hotels
Round trip airport transfers by private taxi (no assistance)
Standard train ticket from Tokyo to Takayama and from Kanazawa to Kyoto
Sightseeing as mentioned by public transportation
Admission fees to sites included in the itinerary
English speaking guides/ tour escort throughout your stay
Full board – 3 meals per day (except for arrival and departure day – will vary depending on the flight schedule)
Luggage transfer: Tokyo-Kyoto (one luggage per person)


International airfare and airport taxes
Beverages during the meals
Gratuities to the drivers and guides
Anything not mentioned in the itinerary

Additional Information

Important note

This departure is guaranteed with min two people, however please note that if the group reaches more than 11 people, all visits will be made by private coach instead of public transportation.


Day 1: Arrival at Narita/ Haneda airport

Transfer to the hotel by private taxi. The driver (can’t speak English) will be waiting for the customer with a nameboard. English speaking assistant helps you check in and have lunch. Depending on the arrival flight, schedule will be changed.

Meals : Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation : 4 night accommodation in Tokyo
Hotel Villa Fontaine Tamachi or similar


Day 2: Tokyo full day sightseeing

Tokyo full day sightseeing by public transportation with English speaking guide
Hamarikyu Gardens -Imperial Palace - Meiji Shrine, Harajuku - Shibuya Crossing & Hachiko statue

Depart from hotel and head for a full day sightseeing of Tokyo and visit must see spots in Tokyo today! Hamarikyu gardens were originally built in the Edo period as a residence of the feudal lord. You can enjoy the traditional Japanese style garden with beautiful scenery even featuring ponds and tea house. The large Japanese garden is located in the center of Tokyo featuring ponds, teahouse and traditional Japanese style garden with beautiful scenery. Imperial Palace is currently the residence of Japan’s royal family but it was formerly an Edo castle for the Togugawa Shogun who ruled Japan in Edo period. You can still see the stone walls and bridges from back then. Meiji Shrine is a shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife. Even though it is located next to Harajuku that is one of the busiest towns in Tokyo, the shrine is in a very quiet forested area with approximately 100,000 trees and you will see a massive torii gate at the entrance. Shibuya crossing is the most iconic spot in Tokyo. It is an intersection in front of Shibuya station and you will be surprised with the view that people constantly come across from all different direction. Shibuya Hchiko statue is a statue of a dog from an actual story and the statue has been a popular meeting point for a lot of people.

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 3: Tokyo full day sightseeing

Tokyo full day sightseeing by public transportation with English speaking guide
Nezu Shrine - Nezu no Taiyaki store - Yanaka cemetery - Tennoji Temple - Tsuiji-bei mud wall - Yanaka Ginza - Ueno (Toshogu Shrine -Shinobazu Pond) -Asakusa (Nakamise Doori - Sensoji)

Depart from hotel and head for a full day sightseeing of Tokyo. Today you will visit “classic” and “nostalgic” spots in Tokyo! Nezu and Yanaka areas are often referred as “Yanesen” by taking the first syllables of the 3 nostalgic neighboring towns: Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi. Nezu shrine is believed to be founded around 1900 so it is one of the oldest shrines in Japan. You will see a tunnel of red torii gates and buildings designated as Important Cultural Property. Near the shrine, there is one of the most famous Taiyaki stores in Tokyo, “Nezu no Taiyaki” store. For Yanaka area, you will visit Yanaka cemetery and Tennoji temple which are located next to each other. Yanaka cemetery used to be a premise of Tennoji temple and it is a final resting place for a lot of prominent people. The Tsujibei wall is the 2 meter mud and brick wall that was built in architecture technique of Edo period and you feel like you travel back in time when you walk into the alley. You can also enjoy the nostalgic shopping street called Yanaka Ginza where there are a lot of shops for local residents. You will transfer to Ueno and visit Ueno Toshogu shrine built in 1627 to dedicate Tokugawa Ieyasu who was the founder of Togugawa shogunate. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere along the Shinobazu pond in the Ueno Park where is popular walking course for local residents. As the final destination of the day, you will visit one of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo which is Asakusa. There is Sensoji temple which was complete in 645 so it is actually the oldest temple in Tokyo. From the famous Kaminarimon gate, you will go through Nakamise shopping street that continues for 200m where there are a lot of souvenir and snack stores to get to the Sensoji temple.

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 4: Tokyo Kamakura full day sightseeing

Tokyo Kamakura full day sightseeing by Public transportation with English speaking guide
Kamakura - Tsuruoka Hachimangu - Great Buddha - Hase Temple

Today, you will visit Kamakura which is around 60km away from Tokyo. It is very aimportant and symbolic place in Kamakura for both tourists and locals and it is one of the 3 important Hachimangu shrines in Japan. You will visit Tusugaoka Hachimangu shrine founded in 1063 which is the most symbolic spot in Kamakura. Then you will transfer to Kotokuin to see the Great Buddha built in 1252. The height is 11.31m tall and it’s registered as a “national treasure”. After that you will visit “Hasedera” temple which you can see the 9.18 tall wooden Kannon statue which is the largest wooden sculpture in Japan. The temple is often referred as “temple of flowers” as there is a beautiful garden where you can enjoy a different scenery season by season.

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 5: Tokyo - Takayama

Transfer to the nearest station with English speaking guide, travel by train to to Takayama
Half day sightseeing visit: Takayama Jinya - Kami Sannomachi

Takayama is a city in the Gifu prefecture and you can enjoy historical townscape that still remains from older days.
Takayama jinya used to be a local government office of Tokugawa Shogun in Edo period and the building still remains the same since then. It is open to public as a museum.Takayama Kami Sannomachi is a national preservation district where there are many historical buildings lined up on the street.
* Baggage delivery service Tokyo - Kyoto (1 luggage/per person)

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation : 1 night accommodation in Takayama
Tokyu Stay Takayama or Similar


Day 6: Takayama - Shirakawago - Kanazawa

With your English speaking guide walk to to Takayama bus stop.
Today, you will visit Shirakawago and Kanazawa. Shirakawago is a village in the Gifu prefecture and there are farm houses in the traditional architectural style called “Gassho-zukuri” and it was registered as UNESCO world heritage site in 1995. After arriving at Kanazawa, you will visit Nomura Samurai House in Nagamachi district from the Samurai period where you will see many historical buildings, stone pavements and mud walls from that era. You will also visit Kenrokuen garden which is referred as one of 3 most beautiful gardens in Japan.

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation : 1 night accommodation in Kanazawa
Mystays Premier Kanazawa or Tokyu Stay Kanazawa or similar


Day 7: Kanazawa - Kyoto

Travel to Kyoto by train with English speaking guide
Temple Kiyomizu - Gion

Today, you will do half day tour of Kyoto. Kiyomizu temple founded 780 which is famous for its wooden stage. You will then visit Gion district where there are many restaurants, tea houses and shops. Especially Hanamikoji alley is popular as it is lined up with many traditional tea houses where Maiko and Geiko work for.

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation : 3 night accommodation in Kyoto
Hôtel New Miyako o similar


Day 8 : Kyoto full day sightseeing

Kyoto full day sightseeing by public transportation with english guide
Ryoanji-Tenryuji - Bamboo Groove - Togetsukyo Bridge

Today, you wil explore the northern area of Kyoto. Kinkakuji temple is known as “Golden Pavilion” which is covered with gold leaf. Then you will visit Arashiyama area to visit two famous temples: Ryoanji and Tenryuji. Ryoanji is famoust for its Karesansui style garden which is basically a “dry garden” that only uses stones and sand. Tenryuji is famous for its beautiful garden with pond and registered as World Heritage site. It is one of Kyoto’s 5 important Zen temples.

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 9 : Nara & Fushimi

Nara & Fushimi Inari full day tour with English guide by public transportation

Kasuga Taisha(outside) - Todaiji – Nara park - Fushimi Inari
Today, you will visit Nara. Kasuga Taisha which is famous for its beautiful lanterns donated by worshipers. Todaiji temple was constructed in 752. There is 15m tall bronze buddha statue. On the way back from Nara, you will visit Fushimi Inari shrine which is famous for tunnel of red torii gates continues to the top of the mountain. Nara Park is a large park in Nara and it is known as there are around 1000 deers which have become a symbolic animal of Nara prefecture.

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 10: Kyoto - KIX

End of your Japanese journey.
Check out with English speaking assistant
Constrained free time till meal times (only around the hotel area)
Hotel Transfer to KIX by PRIVATE taxi without any assistant
Depending on the time of the flight, schedule will be changed.

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Rates in CA$, per person, starting from, in double occupancy 

Land Package
September 3rd 2022 departure
Twin occupancy 6799
Single supplement +1285

This tour is guaranteed with minimum two people traveling

* no triple rooms available

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