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Discover our self-drive tours in Iceland including car and accommodation whether traveling one, two or almost 3 weeks. Please note that the visits and highlights mentioned in itineraries are suggested, not included. Due to the very small amount of hotel and hostel in Iceland compared to the amount of tourist in high season, the itinerary can slightly change according to availability of hotels during the tour.


IMPORTANT: Depending on the time of year some internal roads are closed because of the snow. A vehicle type 4×4 is more appropriate before June and after August if you plan to drive outside of the main roads. Note: The puffins can be seen between May and August.(Please note that Dyrholaey is closed during nesting season from May 15 until June 23 and from mid- August the puffins will have gone  back to the sea!). The Northern lights can be seen from October to April.  Please see the car rentals’ Terms and Conditions here


**Prices in this document are for information only; they were issued at press time, for the current year. Please note that due to exchange rates and temporary promotions, they can increase or decrease at any time. Contact your travel agent for the price and promotion of the moment.  The prices indicated exclude the contribution to the Customer Compensation Fund of $3.50 per $1,000 of tourism product or service purchased from a travel agent in Quebec.





The road conditions in Iceland can vary greatly. The “circle road” (road Nr. 1) is nearly asphalted all the way, while smaller roads are often very narrow, steep gravel roads with potholes and sharp bends. The speed limit in built up areas is 50 km/h, on surface roads outside built up areas 90 km/h and on gravel roads 80 km/h. Please always adjust your speed according to the local conditions. In Iceland you have to drive with the daytime running lights all around the clock.

Before driving into the highland areas it is necessary to get information about the road and weather conditions. e.g. at the Icelandic Road Administration “VEGAGERDIN” ( Highland tracks are usually closed until the end of June or beginning of July. Please be aware that farm animals like horses, cattle and particularly sheep, often graze along the roads, and may suddenly cross the road.

The legal alcohol limit for drivers in Iceland is 0 per mile. Never drink and drive!

Please notice, it is important to check the road and weather conditions before departure, by phoning 1777 or visiting


It is important to bring the right equipment and clothing for every trip to Iceland. We recommend all-weather and outdoor clothing, since the weather can change very rapidly. A few things that should be on your list are: Wool pullover, waterproof rainwear, Anorak, walking boots, fleece wear, bathing wear and sun protection.


As mentioned above the weather in Iceland can change very rapidly. Sunny weather can turn into a heavy storm within a few hours. You should always keep this in mind, especially when you are traveling in the interior highlands. Get information about the weather forecast at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, Tel. 902 0600 or on the Internet:


Shopping in Iceland can be quite expensive. However some articles (especially branded products) are sometimes cheaper in Iceland then in other countries. Make use of the “Tax Free Shopping” and look out for stores that have the “Taxe Free” sticker in their windows or at the counter. If you buy articles for more then 4.000 ISK you will get a refund of 15%. The refund is paid out at the “Tax Refund” counter at Keflavik airport, on your departure day from Iceland. Please be ready to show the receipts and the articles and make sure  the refund has been claimed within 3 months of the purchase.


Generally it is better to change currency after you arrive in Iceland, because the rate is usually more favorable then abroad. You can change money when arriving at Keflavik airport. The use of credit cards is very common in Iceland and cards are also accepted in small shops even when buying for small amounts.


Tourist-Information centers can be found all around the country and offer both regional and nationwide information.


If you have any questions or problems during your stay in Iceland we are pleased to assist you.


Don’t forget to book travel insurance for your clients and verify the terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and requirements of their insurance policy before they leave Canada  and please verify travel restrictions, local safety and security conditions, entry and exit requirements, quarantines, curfew etc. Visit for further details on the destination you are traveling to.

All Exotik suppliers will fully respect their own  country’s’ Covid-19 safety measures and regulations at time of travel in order for the passengers to stay as safe as possible.

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