Western Journey

8 days or 7 days

Journeying from sky to sea, you will travel through craggy Rocky Mountain passes and tour Pacific coastlines with stunning vistas.

Eastern Journey

8 days or 7 days

On this Eastern adventure you’ll discover Canada’s unbeatable mix of Old World charm, vibrant urban pleasures and natural beauty.

Rockies Trail

10 days

Explore The Rocky Mountains are your gateway to Canada. Experience hot springs, glacial ice fields – and breathtaking views of soaring peaks.

Rocky roundup & Mini Rocky roundup

14 day, 12 days or 11 days

Discover the unrivaled natural wonder  and beautiful landmarks of breathtaking British Columbia and Alberta.

Atlantic Maritimes tour

13 days

Experience the Maritimes with its own way of life and the relaxed atmosphere of countryside and city. Learn all about the Scottish, Acadian and Native heritage.

Circle Newfoundland & Labrador

13 days

This escorted itinerary highlights the striking landscapes and sceneries, wildlife sightings and historical attractions of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Canadian contrasts

14 days or 15 days

Discover a spirit of adventure that stretches from the towns of Quebec to the frontiers of British Columbia’s Pacific coast.

Canadian highlights

13 days

Embark on a journey that gives you a taste of the unique cultures and geography that makes Canada one of the world’s premier destinations.

Eastern explorer & Mini Eastern explorer

12 days

Travel Canada’s original wilderness highways and discover New World settlements, frontier trails and the modern excitement of lively cities.