Croatia has so much to offer.  A little like Greece,  you can enjoy the main land as well as all the different islands.

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Islands hopping : A combination of hotels on the main land , ferrys and hotels on the islands . It is a very good way to travel when you want to be on your own and have reservations for hotels and ferries.
Coach Tours :  Join a group and tour the main land with a guide. Explore the vibrants  cities and the small traditional villages of Croatia.
Small cruises : Tour the main sea side cities  on the main land as well as  the most famous  islands while onboard a  cruise on a 12 to 20 cabin embarkation. If you are not sea sick it is the best way to see Croatia.
Combo : It’s the best of both worlds, discover the the  main land  with guides and then,  embark a cruise for one week. Sail the great bleue sea , swim here and there during sea breaks  and  visit the islands .


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Coach tours :

Travel in group for 7  to 12 day (The group can be bilingual including English)

Small Cruises :

Visit the islands of the Adriatic onboard small embarkations 3* or 4* according to your choice and budget , .

Combo :

Combine both , the coach tours + small cruise

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